The elderly are at risk of experiencing a worsened mobility issue as they get older even further as time passes by. What seems to be a regular session on a wheelchair or a walker can be a hassle for anyone who advances through age if they already suffered a bad mobility problem. The factors that contributed to this natural, yet worrying issue for some old people involve muscle weakness, joint problems, a certain pain rooting from a disease or due to weakening, and so as brain or nerve issues. This is a must to be observed by a doctor once an elderly person experiences it even if it’s still mild so then the doctors can provide the correct wheelchair and the right apparatuses needed to resolve mobility issues.

But for those who are already bound on a wheelchair, and if their mobility issue actually worsened, then it might be time for them to prepare and consider the following wheelchair gadgets as an accessory to make mobility convenient once again:

Phone Carrier

Some old people actually use smartphones nowadays. But they might find it hard as a stressful task to reach for their phones if their arms feel weak already. That’s why they should purchase a phone carrier instead. It is a case that’s meant to hold a smartphone like a monopod, but in a vertical position just to hold the phone for the elderly to easily swipe and use it as they sit down on their wheelchair.


Flashlights are extremely important accessories that elderly people should use if they are bound to a wheelchair. This helps them navigate easily through the dark, especially that they can’t use their legs to “feel” the ground anymore at night. This is also great for elderly people who need to navigate or reach something during a power outage. Flashlights for wheelchairs come with holders for an easier means to use the light source.


Grabbers consist of a long pole-like product that has a button at its handle which serves as a mechanism for the grabber at the other end. This lets any elderly person hold or reach an object that they are having a hard time reaching. Some of these grabbers are designed to grab an object even if the elderly person has a very weak grip already. This can never be attached to a wheelchair, but an elderly can always hold one when needed.

Grade Aids

These are accessories that can be attached to the wheel locks of manual wheelchairs. These prevent sudden reversal of wheelchairs, as well as backward rolling. It’s also good for going up at slopes and for climbing some short ramps, ledges or gutters.

Umbrella Holder

If the elderly want to handle the bad weather by themselves, they need an umbrella holder instead. This is a hands-free device that attaches easily to the wheelchair and can hold umbrellas tight. These holders have a mechanism that can secure, open and close the umbrella easily.



Take note that these are just the top gadgets that are often purchased whenever they want an elderly person to make wheelchair usage more convenient as they grow older. There will be more limited as they grow old, but it’s a good thing that technology can compensate for those issues by providing nifty features. It happens that one of those wonderful, yet unusual ways is taking care of the elderly.