What to Look For in an Assisted Living Facility

Finding the right assisted living facility for a loved one is one of the most significant decisions someone makes in his or her life as it determines where his or her loved one spends the rest of their life. It is normal for adult children to feel a variety of different emotions while deciding the perfect place for their parent to reside; however, it is essential not to let emotions get in the way of making the right decision.

Here are a few signs to look for as you tour facilities with your loved one.

  1. Detect the Level of Cleanliness Throughout the Facility

Look beyond the nice display furniture and brand new carpets in the main office. While touring the facility, take notes on how well each area is cleaned and even examine the window sills.

Ask specifics on how often housekeeping occurs in personal living courters and if there are additional costs for laundry services. Also, if you notice unpleasant smells throughout the entire facility, it might be a sign of a lack of cleanliness which is a major red flag.

  1. Take Note of the Staff’s Interactions

During tours, staff are helpful and pleasant in their demeanor; however, it is key to notice how the staff interacts with each other as well as the individuals who currently reside at the facility.

Observing how staff members interact with current residents is crucial when determining if an assisted living facility is right for your loved one. Do the staff members demonstrate a concerned and caring attitude when handling a resident-related issue? Be sure to meet the individuals who are involved in residents’ care as they will be the ones spending the most time with your loved one.

  1. Check Out the Available Activities

Schedule your visit during hours when activities will be going on, and ask if you can watch the event or participate if allowed. Be sure to gather information regarding how often events occur and how many residents attend the event. If the facility hosts events often yet no one ever shows up, the events might not be that fun for your loved one.

If your parent or loved one is already involved in an activity such as knitting or practices a religion, it is essential to see if the facility has it available or if it could be made available on request.

  1. Enjoy a Meal at the Dining Area

Visit the dining room while touring the facility as it gives you an inside look at what food choices are available and how residents are treated during meal hours. Discuss any dietary restriction options that may be available with staff members as well as dining procedures and hours.

Eating a meal in the dining room provides you and your loved one an opportunity to chat with current residents about their experience living in that particular facility. Your loved one may even make a few new friends before the end of your visit.