Selecting the right assisted living facility for yourself or your loved one can seem like an overwhelming job. After all, you want to ensure that the best care is provided and that desired comfort levels are met. Knowing certain features to look for in a facility can help you to narrow down the manifold options.

Social Happenings

The thought of moving into an assisted living facility can make some people feel as though they will grow isolated from the rest of the world. For an especially active and social person, in particular, this situation can feel entirely frightening. Choosing an assisted living facility that offers social events can ameliorate this situation. Look for a facility that has regular smaller gatherings, such as clubs or card-playing groups, and larger social events for holidays and such.

Outdoor Space

Imagine life without ever having the opportunity to venture outdoors, particularly if you love nature. Ensuring that residents have a space in which to spend time outside is pivotal. In addition to making certain that a space is provided; ask if residents can engage in any outdoor activities. For example, if you are searching for an assisted living facility that your grandmother will feel comfortable in and she loves to garden, find out if residents are permitted to garden.


When people think of assisted living facilities, they sometimes envision a home of individuals who really cannot enjoy what the community has to offer. They have this misconception that residents can’t go to the movies or out to dinner at the restaurants in town. While your loved ones may very well want to go out on a regular basis or once in a while, they may no longer have the ability to drive. Therefore, you should discover whether or not the facility offers transportation services and where those services go specifically.

Dietary Needs

Whether your loved ones keep to a vegetarian diet, have medical issues that prelude them from eating certain foods or follow the dietary rules of a particular religion, you must ensure that the facility will meet these needs. Speaking to a staff member directly in charge of customizing menus and facilitating the preparation of cuisine can help to alleviate your concerns in this area.

Visiting Loved Ones

Knowing the visitation policy is imperative so that relatives are aware of when they can visit. Also, you should find out if pets are allowed at the facility. Taking a beloved pet into the facility can bring so much joy to individuals. In the event that the pets have to go live with family members, find out if they are allowed to visit. You should also make sure that any children are allowed to visit. These familiar faces can help loved ones as they make their transition into the facility.

Researching many assisted living facilities can feel like an arduous task. However, recognize that you’re undertaking the task for an important purpose. Checking into facilities that provide these features can help you tremendously with your search.