Walking is one of the easiest and best forms of exercise because it doesn’t require any expensive equipment. You can walk almost anywhere when you use the right precautions such as wearing clothing that is easy for others to see. Of course, you should wear supportive footwear, and it is a good idea to apply sunscreen lotion before walking on a hot summer day. Here are the numerous physical and mental benefits from walking for only a few minutes each day.

Benefit 1: Making Your Body’s Joints More Flexible

If you have stiff hip or knee joints, then walking can improve your flexibility. Walking will help to move the synovial fluid through your joints so that the cartilage doesn’t become dry. When your joints aren’t being used enough, the cartilage is more likely to split, leading to a severe injury that requires surgery. To avoid having damaged joints, go on a walk for a few minutes on a daily basis.

Benefit 2: Maintaining Your Weight

When you want to avoid gaining weight, you can have a short walk each day to burn excess calories. If you are overweight, then some forms of exercise are dangerous for your body, but walking is a safe exercise for almost anyone. You may want to go on a walk during the evening after you eat dinner, but you can also walk at other times of the day.

Benefit 3: Exposure to Natural Sunlight

Walking during the day can increase your exposure to natural sunlight so that your body will create additional vitamin D. This nutrient is in some types of foods, but exposure to sunlight for 20 minutes can boost your vitamin D levels. With additional vitamin D, you will have more physical energy and mental alertness.

Benefit 4: Reducing High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, then a physician will tell you to exercise, but some forms of physical activity are dangerous when you have this condition. However, you can walk without any problems as long as you are following your physician’s recommendations.

Benefit 5: Strengthening Your Body’s Bones

Without enough weight-bearing exercise, you will lose bone tissue, making it easier to break a bone. Some individuals will break a bone by simply standing up because they have failed to exercise. In most cases, anyone can walk for exercise, helping to strengthen the bones in the legs, hips and back.

Benefit 6: Preventing Mood Disorders

When you exercise, it helps to improve your mood. You will notice that you feel happier after walking for a few minutes each day. Exercise helps to increase the blood flow to your brain, and your body also releases hormones that will help you to feel better. You can avoid depression or anxiety by walking for exercise.

Benefit 7: Have Better Coordination and Balance

With daily walking, your coordination and balance will improve as your muscles become stronger. Rather than stumbling while you walk on stairs, you are able to maintain your balance to avoid falling.