The Best Floor Plan for You

From ensuring that mobility impairments are able to be managed with greater ease to selecting the right interior layout for residents who are suffering from conditions that may impact cognition and memory, the right floor plan and room location can be issues of great importance. Even seemingly minor concerns, such as the amount of natural sunlight a room might receive, can have a major impact on the comfort levels and daily routine of its occupant. Selecting the right floor plan can play an important role in ensuring that seniors are able to retain a greater degree of freedom and independence while also enjoying the best quality of care.

Managing Mobility Impairments

Floor plans and layouts that offer extra space in order to accommodate a cane, walker or other mobility-assistance device can help to reduce the risk of a fall or other form of accidental injury. Cramped accommodations and rooms that do not provide sufficient space to operate a wheelchair, hoyer or other type of lift or device can create many problems. When it comes to dealing with impaired mobility, the right floor plan can help to ensure that seniors are able to get around with greater ease, convenience and autonomy.

Natural Lighting

Exposure to natural light sources throughout the day is a concern that is all too easily overlooked. From UV protection to conditions like sundowners syndrome, there are any number of reasons why seniors may have concerns regarding their exposure to sunlight. Selecting a room layout, location and floor plan that will best fit the needs and lifestyle of each senior often has a major impact on their comfort levels and overall quality of life. Issues like natural lighting, noise levels and temperature control may all need to be considered carefully.

Superior Memory Care

Trying to care for a senior who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other conditions which may impair memory and cognition often involves a number of unique challenges. A room layout or floor plan that can be more easily navigated is often of critical importance for those who are experiencing the initial onset of symptoms as well as seniors who may be struggling to deal with the later stages of memory loss. Making it easier for seniors to navigate their surroundings can be especially important for those who are more likely to become lost or disoriented within even in the most familiar settings.

Finding the Right Floor Plan and Care Options

The personal needs and tastes of seniors can often be difficult to categorize. Working alongside a dedicated and caring staff of professionals in order to find and select the room, floor plan and living arrangements that best fits each individual can provide family members with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved ones are able to enjoy the best care, comfort and options available. Providing seniors with the environment and surrounding that will be best suited to their needs is never a concern that should be left to chance.