How Often Should You Visit?

Family members are often unsure about how to go about visiting a loved one that resides in an assisted living facility. They may not know when they can visit, how long one should stay, and how often they should arrive. Every case varies; however, here are a few things to keep in mind before and while visiting a loved one.

Identify Visiting Protocols

Does your loved one’s facility specify visiting hours or can you arrive whenever you please? Be sure to check when meals or activities occur so that you can plan to visit before or after those times.

If your loved one prefers routine and stability, aim to visit on the same day each week around the same time so that it does not disrupt the flow of your loved one’s day. Depending on how far you live, it might be suitable to stay for an hour if you live in the area, whereas you might want to stay for a few hours if you are traveling from a further distance.

If you are visiting for a few hours, check with the facility to see if you can make eating arrangements for a meal. On special occasions, you might be able to bring a cake or special treat to share.

Don’t Visit Out of Guilt

Adult children typically feel guilt around their loved one residing in an assisted living facility, and they wind up feeling as though they need to visit 24/7. After your loved one settles into their new home, they create a routine for themselves and their day is filled with activities.

While you may feel a plethora of emotions, do not let those emotions determine how often you are going to visit. If you can only visit once a week, make a schedule with your loved one so that they are aware what day and time you plan on spending time with your loved one.

Just as you have a busy life, your loved one has a schedule, so you have to make sure that you the times and dates work with the both of you. Don’t visit all the time as a way to feel less guilty because you will not be able to enjoy the time spent with your family member.

Call and Text at Convenient Times

Check up with your loved one on social media and through the phone as often as you’d like. Sending a text is only a few short characters away. If your family member prefers calls over social media and texting, block out thirty minutes to an hour of your time so that you can catch up on one another.

Whether you visit weekly or monthly, take advantage of technology by interacting with your loved one on social media and over the phone. If you see an adorable picture of a dog, send it your family member’s way as it is sure to put a smile on their face. Missing being near a loved one isn’t easy; however, there are many ways to stay in touch.