The amount of free time granted by retirement can feel refreshing and maybe even exciting. But sometimes it could also feel intimidating, not really knowing what to do with all that extra time on your hands. Here are a few fun and easy things for seniors to think about trying when considering new hobbies.


Taking up painting on your own or participating in a painting class can be a major shift in gears for a lot of seniors. Unlocking skills within yourselves that you may have been unaware of. Painting could be an amazing creative outlet for anyone of any age.

Jewelry Making

Don’t stop with painting when it comes to letting those creative juices flow. The benefits are definitely obvious with this one. You could make, then wear your own jewelry. And if you wanted to, you could also start a small side business by selling your own unique jewelry.


Start a blog, writing about whatever subject you’re interested in while building relationships with your readers and other bloggers. This is a great way to express yourself and share your passions.


This hobby increases physical activity and can also be very inexpensive if done right. Guarding is a great stress reliever. Studies found that gardening can lower risk of dementia by 36%. Also, growing your own food is the most healthy and most rewarding way to eat.

Playing an Instrument

It’s never too late to pick up that instrument that you always wanted to learn how to play, but never had the time to. Before, this hobby might have been an expensive one due to having to pay for lessons. But, now in days everything you would need to know you could find for free on YouTube.


Here is something that is good exercise for the body and the mind. Yoga can reduce stress and even lower your blood pressure. Yoga can also lessen chronic pain, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, lower back pain, and even headaches.


What a great way to stay in shape. Dancing can enhance your reflexes and balance. It can improve your muscle tone and strength. It is also a great way to meet new people and improve your social life. So why not take a dancing class?


Watch your favorite cooking show, read your favorite cooking book, and let them inspire you then get involved. Learning new recipes and sharing them with your friends would be super fun and would feel very rewarding. Do things like surprise a neighbor with baked goods or bake a cake for a friend’s birthday. Gestures like these are guaranteed to be greatly appreciated.

Write a children’s book

This is a great way to give some of that knowledge you gained from life experiences back to the youth, and it’s in the most unique way possible. Put your imagination and creativity to the test, and be a great influence on the youth by writing and possibly illustrating a children’s book.