Getting older can be quite lonely at times. With age, seniors don’t have the same familial and vocational responsibilities that you used to have to keep them occupied. That’s why it’s extremely important to plan outings with the seniors in your life.


Outings for senior citizens are extremely beneficial. It allows them to socialize. Socialization forces people to use their communication skills and interpersonal skills because they will have to talk and interact with people. If someone is left alone for too long, they can lose these skills faster than usual. The stimulation is also great for people who are starting to show signs of dementia. The more they see friends and family, the longer they can retain memory of faces and names.

Bringing the seniors in your life on outings also gives them a chance to have fun! Watching the same shows, playing the same games, and talking to the same people can get boring. Just like another else with a pulse, older people want to go out and have fun. Most don’t have access to cars, so they are forced to rely on friends and family to help them enjoy their life. It’s important to remember that these people helped shape the world we live in and our lives. Do what you can to help them enjoy their final years.


There are a number of great options if you want to take a senior citizen on an outing! Here are just a couple of suggestions:

  • Park: During spring and summer, the park can be a great place to get some fresh air. Active seniors may even like to go to the zoo. Be sure to bring snacks and drinks. Also, make sure the park has decent washroom facilities.
  • Store: Grocery shopping and clothes shopping allow seniors to get out of the house, and it allows them to purchase food and other items that might make them happy.
  • Dinner: Everyone needs to eat. Even if your loved one lives in a place with great meal options, going to a restaurant or a food truck provides a very welcome change of pace.
  • Movie: Movies give people a temporary look into an alternative world. This can be just what a senior could use for an afternoon. Let them pick the movie and don’t forget the popcorn!
  • Visit a friend or family member: ┬áIt can be much for difficult for a senior to visit friends and family like they could. Take them to see people that they miss.

Our seniors need our love and attention. Be sure to step up and help take the seniors in your life on outings when you can. They will love it, and it will make you feel good, too.