There are many deciding factors when looking for the perfect assisted living facility. While browsing assisted living facilities for yourself or a loved one, you might worry about finding a facility that is pet-friendly as you have a family pet or might want one in the future. It is essential to keep in mind that while some facilities permit pets, they might have restrictions on the breeds or types of pets allowed.

Assisted Living Facility Pet Policies

All assisted living facilities have their own rules regarding pets. There are some that do not permit pets whatsoever, whereas others might not allow certain breeds. Depending on the community, there may also be size requirements and a limit on how many pets are allowed to live with you.

Breed and size restrictions might not be a problem if you currently do not have a pet but plan to adopt a pet in the future. If you currently have a pet, it is crucial that you make sure that the facility allows your pet’s specific breed and size.

Type of Pets

Cats and dogs are common pets that people bring with them while living in an assisted living facility; however, some facilities might allow other animals such as birds and fish.

Finding a facility that is pet-friendly towards your pet or the pet you intend on adopting is quite important as they might accept some pets, yet not others. If you have a pet other than ones that a pet-friendly facility mentions, check with a staff member if you can have your pet while living there. Some facilities do not have a definitive answer listed on their site regarding a specific pet such as a small hamster or guinea pig.

Community Pets and Other Programs

There are also assisted living facilities that have programs and “community pets” so that residents can enjoy the benefits of having a pet without the lifelong commitment. This is a great option for individuals who adore pets, yet do not have one and do not intend on adopting one. Some facilities even offer programs where residents can take care of baby chickens.

Fees and Questions

While touring facilities, it is crucial that you or your loved one be aware of the fees associated with having a pet at that facility. You may want to ask about any additional deposits or pet rent along with if there are any pet services available onsite. Some facilities offer pet care and pet grooming for additional fees, whereas others might have it built into the price of a pet rent.

It is also important to note if the rooms are big enough for a pet and if there is a designated area for pets to be taken outdoors. Some facilities have areas for dogs to do their business; however, there may not be adequate space to have a game of catch with your dog.

Ask about the communities policies and regulations on the disposal of litter or soiled doggy bags as some facilities have designated trash cans for waste.