Can I Live with My Spouse in His/Her Assisted Living Facility?

If you’re trying to find out whether you will be a live with your spouse in an assisted living facility, there are actually two answers. Locating an assisted living facility for couple that has roughly similar care requirements is relatively easy. It’s a bit more difficult to find such a facility for couple that has different physical and personal care needs.

When you and your spouse or partner have different care requirements but still want to stay together, the trick is to find a facility that can accommodate these varying needs without separating you. Often, this will require the couple to make a few compromises so they can choose a facility that broadly fits their criteria.

Moving into any assisted-living facility is a huge life change, but there’s no denying that if a couple can move together, it makes the entire process easier and less jarring. Those assisted living facilities allowing couples to stay together usually offer a range of options. Generally, you would choose from 1-2 bedroom apartments, a studio, a condo or a shared room.

Most couples choose to go with the apartment. Some of these living spaces come with options like a full kitchen, a garden, scenic views or even sit-down, wheelchair accessible showers. For those choosing the apartment option, they generally find that they have access to a common areas in the facility.

It’s a good idea to plan for the future as well. It may be that at some point one half of this couple will need more care than assisted living can provide. This is why it’s a good idea from the very start to look for facility that has a skilled nursing facility as part of the same community. This will make this change – if it happens – much easier for both individuals. It will also mean that the couple will be able to easily visit with one another and even spend most of their time together.

The costs will almost certainly differ between the spouse living in the assisted living section of the community and the one who needs the skilled nursing facility. In this case, they will be charged for the apartment and the additional fees for the nursing facility will be added onto the bill.

Many assisted living facilities have room and board starting at $1500 a month. However, this price can go up considerably depending on the type of housing chosen – room, apartment or studio – and whether one of the two has greater needs than the other, such as a requirement for skilled nursing. The cost also varies depending on your state.

An assisted living facility can be ideal for couple that is still independent but might want some assistance in their day-to-day living. Such facilities allow seniors their freedom and offer continuing socialization with their peers. If you’re looking for this kind of service in Knoxville, check out Prosperity Pointe, which is certainly the best assisted living/senior care facility in the area.