Best Phone Apps For Seniors

Phones are not just for young people. There are more seniors who are getting iPhones and smart phones. In fact, half of people who are over the age of 65 have a smart phone. There are a number of apps that are great for seniors.


Studies have shown that seniors who keep their brains active are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Lumosity is an app that you can use to help you keep your brain active. It has many puzzles that are designed to challenge people. New puzzles and brain games are being added every day.


Most seniors are taking at least one medication. Many of them are taking more than two medications. If you are taking multiple medications, then it can be harder for you to remember to take them. Fortunately, if you have Pillboxie, then it will be easier for you to remember to take your medications. The app will not only remind you to take your medication, but it will also tell you when you need to take your medication.


Studies have shown that seniors who have an active social life are healthier and live longer. It can be difficult for you to maintain an active social life if your family members and friends live far away. You can use the Skype app to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Skype allows you to communicate with people face-to-face. You can also use Skype to message people.


Medisafe is another app that people can use in order to keep up with their medications. Not only does it have medication reminders, but it also helps them stay on top of their treatment plans. Additionally, it will generate a report that shows how well a person adhered to the program.


Some seniors struggle to decide whether they should see a doctor. That is why the Webmd app can be beneficial. People will be able to research their symptoms and determine whether they need to get medical treatment.


Clevermind is another app that can help seniors keeps their minds sharp. It has a variety of quizzes and games. It also has voice commands.


Spotify is ideal for music lovers. It has millions of songs. There is a free version and paid version of Spotify. The free version has advertisements, but the paid version does not have any advertisements.


Seniors are more prone to vision problems. Vision problems can make it difficult to read. Audible is a great app to use. It has over 180,000 audible books.