Assisted Living Interview Tips

Finding the right assisted living community can be a lengthy and complicated process. Seniors should choose a community that meets their physical and emotional needs. It’s important to inquire about boarding costs, room accommodations, community amenities, and medical care. Consider these assisting living interview tips to find the home of your dreams.


Inquire About Boarding Costs

Financial cost is an important factor for seniors looking for an affordable assisted living community. Assisted living communities usually offer several boarding packages to accommodate individual needs. An all-inclusive package includes boarding costs, meals, and additional services available at the community. Seniors might choose a fee-for-service package if they only need certain services.


Discuss Payment Arrangements

It’s important to discuss payment arrangements during the interview process. Many assisted living communities accept long-term care insurance. Although some communities accept Medicaid, it won’t cover the full cost of boarding. Seniors can set up monthly payments to be automatically drafted from their bank account. State Non-Medicaid programs might also be available for seniors with a financial need.


Explore Room Accommodation Options

Seniors will spend a great deal of time in their room, which is why it’s important to be selective about accommodations. People should decide if they want a bedroom suite or apartment. Couples should make it clear if both partners intend on joining a community. It’s important to be up front about pets you might bring. It’s always a good idea to view communities before making your decision.


Discover Community Amenities

Community amenities can be a great selling point for assisted living facilities. Many assisted living communities provide meals for residents. It’s common for seniors to eat meals in their room or in the dining hall. It’s important to ask if housekeeping services are included in the price or offered at an additional charge. Seniors should also ask about community activities such as games, crafts, and group outings.


Ask About Medical Services

Seniors should ask about medical services provided to residents. Assisted living communities are not required to provide medical care, but many facilities have nurses and doctors on staff. It’s important to find a community with panic buttons installed in resident rooms. Some communities offer medical services such as medication management as well as inpatient and patient care.


Seniors should spend a great deal of time interviewing assisting living communities to find the right facility. Discussing boarding costs and payments arrangements help seniors find affordable accommodations. People should always tour resident rooms and community areas before making a final decision. It’s also a good idea to inquire about medical services offered at the community. Contact Prosperity Pointe today to learn why it’s the best assisted living/senior care facility in Knoxville TN.