7 Tips for Visiting Your Loved One in Assisted Living

The transition into assisted living can be an intense time for the resident and for the family and loved ones. Sometimes the emotions and stress of the situation can dehumanize the experience, making it hard to retain connection and relationships at this critical time in your loved one’s life. Here are 7 tips for visiting a loved one in assisted living that will make them and you more comfortable, and crest a loving, memorable time for everyone involved.


Tip #1 Pampering!

Bring some favorite personal care products from home to help your loved one get pampered. Remember that while nurses and staff are taking excellent care of your family members, there is extra time and care in personalized pampering that can go a long way. Home manicures and pedicures, deep conditioning hair can mean a lot to women in assisted living. For men, a good quality razor and refreshing shave cream and aftershave can boost confidence and be exhilarating.


Tip #2 Meet their friends and favorite staff!

Many times in assisted living, community events and socials are great ways for members to meet friends. By attending these events or meeting their friends, you get a sense for their relationships and have quality time with your loved ones as they establish new friendships. It also gives you a feel for the staff and who may be caring for your loved one, so you know they are with good hands and familiar faces.


Tip #3 Go exploring!

Along with social events, many facilities have gardens, game rooms, gyms, cafe’s- make sure you take your loved one exploring and be excited to see where they spend their time. Your excitement to explore could increase their own comfort level and get them exploring and more active, too!


Tip #4 Sharing meal times

Try to plan your visit for a meal time, whether you bring in the meal or eat together at the assisted living facility. Be mindful of their resources and physical ability when planning a meal to prep, but cooking and eating together is always a fun experience to share with your loved one.


Tip #5 Bringing new bedding or clothing

Often times when moving into an assisted living facility, residents are downsizing their belongings and only bringing the minimum home comforts at first. To give them a fresh sense of home, bring in new outfits or bedding with the seasons, or even just a new or old favorite throw blanket.


Tip #6 Helping to organize and clean their space

By helping to clean or even re-organize their home, you can revive the space and give it a special touch. This can vary from decorating to basic housekeeping tasks. These tasks are powerful for making a space feel comfortable.


Tip #7 Have fun and engage

No matter how you spend your time with your loved one, you can have fun! If you’re cooking or cleaning, play some of each of your favorite music. If you’re having afternoon coffee with your loved on, bring a game or make cookies together! Small, spontaneous activities make the visit more fun and comfortable, and leave you both with a deeper sense of connection.

Use these tips to help engage and comfort your loved ones, and know they are in the best assisted care available as residents at Prosperity Pointe in Knoxville, TN. Visit  Prosperity Pointe to learn more.