6 Tips for Making the Transition to Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are one of the best places for senior citizens to live out their golden years. Residents enjoy a variety of amenities including private bedrooms, prepared meals, and housekeeping. These communities provide professional medical care with nurse call systems and personal doctors. Seniors can also participate in group activities at assisted living communities. Consider these tips to make a smooth transition into assisted living.


Find the Right Community

Finding the right assisted living community is an important decision. It’s important to find amenities that meet your personal needs such as medical care and social activities. Seniors should visit several communities before making a final decision. It can also be helpful to ask for references and interview current residents.


Consider Downsizing

Seniors might consider downsizing before moving into their assisted living community. Donating unused clothing to local shelters is an excellent way to help people in need. People can give family and friends the furniture they can’t take with them. Selling unwanted items in a garage sale is a great way to make extra money.


Selling Your Home

Many people decide to sell their home when they move to an assisted living facility. It’s helpful to ask family members to help with the selling process. It’s important for seniors to get their home appraised for current value. A realtor can help you find qualified buyers.


Financial Planning

It’s important to consider the financial cost of assisted living. Seniors should expect to spend between $2,000 dollars to $5,000 dollars per month on assisted living. Many people pay for assisted living from their personal savings if they don’t have Long-Term Care insurance. Medicare doesn’t cover assisted living, but Medicaid might provide partial coverage for qualified applicants. Seniors can also cash in their life insurance policy or sell it to a third-party company.


Notify Medical Providers

Many assisted living communities provide onsite medical care with qualified nurses and doctors. Seniors should notify their doctor if they plan on changing healthcare providers. The assisted living community will also need your medical history. Residents can continue seeing their healthcare provider, but they will need to make transportation arrangements for appointments.


Seek Emotional Support

Seniors should seek emotional support during their transition into assisted living. Future residents might request a friend or relative be present on moving day. Frequent visits from loved ones can make the transition process less stressful. It’s also important for seniors to participate in community activities.

Assisted living communities are the perfect place for seniors that might need a little extra help every now and then. Seniors might consider downsizing or selling their home before moving into assisted living. It’s also important to make payment arrangements, notify medical providers, and seek emotional support. Visit Prosperity Pointe today to discover why it’s the best assisted living/senior care facility in Knoxville, TN.