6 Questions to Ask Staff at an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living is a fantastic alternative to a nursing home for long-term senior living. It allows your loved ones to have a sense of independence with most located in a resort-style community. Assisted living staff provides extra social and health support and is an investment you and your family will be happy to make. Once you’ve determined which facilities seem to be the best fit, there are essential questions to ask to begin narrowing them down to one. The more you know up front, the more confident you’ll feel that you’re making the right decision. Take a tour of the property and bring a list of questions that will help make your decision more clear.

  1. Are There Apartments Available Now?

You’d be surprised at the number of assisted living communities that have a significant wait list for apartment openings. If there is a wait list, ask how long it is and determine if that timeframe will match your needs. You should always have multiple back-up choices just in case things fall through. If there is no waitlist, inquire about what styles and types of housing are available. Do you or your family member need a studio? One bedroom? Or single-family home? Factor in living and kitchen space to find one that matches your needs.

  1. What Services Are Included In The Monthly Fee?

Stay on top of what services and costs are included in the monthly rate. Most assisted living facilities include Wi-Fi, cable, and utilities which can make it seem like a bargain. Ask about other services including housekeeping, meals, and other amenities. Not all facilities are the same, with some offering bundles of services, and others are more a la carte.

  1. What types of activities and events do you offer?

Assisted living is about staying active both physically and mentally. Go online and look at their monthly activity calendar for the community you are interested in. A reputable facility will offer a variety of opportunities for socialization and engagement during the week. Make sure that the activities offered match up with you or your loved one’s interests. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the property may be if you’re going to be unsatisfied and bored most of the time.

  1. Does The Facility Offer Transportation?

For some residents in assisted living communities, getting around can be difficult. Ask them if they provide private bus or car services to doctor appointments, banks, grocery stores, or other locations. Some will offer transportation coordination services or taxi vouchers for trips that aren’t on the bus route.

  1. What Types Of Health Services Do You Offer?

This is one of the most crucial questions to ask. A facility that has clinicians on staff will give you better peace of mind. Some assisted living communities have podiatrists, doctors, dentists, and ophthalmologists visiting a couple of times per month.

  1. What Are Your Meal Options?

Ask your facility if there are a variety of entrĂ©e choices if dinner is served in a dining room setting. Most adults as they age, find it more difficult to have an appetite. Having options will ensure you’ll always have something to satisfy your taste buds. Ask the staff to see a copy of the weekly or monthly menu, or see if they will allow you to sample the cuisine at the property. You should also ask if in-room dining by tray is available in case you or your loved one isn’t feeling up to eating in the dining room at times.