We truly believe in resident-centered care.

We seek, select, and train the hearts of our staff to respect and nurture the hearts of our residents. Prosperity Pointe isn’t like a resort where one goes to escape the humdrum of everyday life. Our assisted living community is a place people call home. From the landscaping, to the sunroom, to the handcrafted handrails, each aspect of Prosperity Pointe is designed to ensure our residents feel right at home.

Our rustic, East Tennessee design fills each hallway with homegrown comfort. Our team members are not employees but an extension of family. Coming to work is like spending a day with relatives. Our residents don’t just live here; they truly prosper. Our dementia care is uniquely designed to capture the moments of joy, love, and well-being of each and every day.

We hope you consider joining our senior community. We can be reached by phone or online.

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