Are you considering the move to assisted living for yourself or your loved one who needs memory care services? The memory care residents at Prosperity Pointe Assisted Living benefit from a comprehensive memory care program, which includes pet therapy. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about this effective therapy technique and how you or your loved one could be benefiting from pet therapy on Prosperity Pointe Assisted Living’s memory care floor. Learn more about our memory care services here.

sleeping-pupsWhat is Pet Therapy?

Also called animal-assisted therapy, pet therapy is designed to help a patient cope, be that in order to recover from an illness or in order to promote optimal quality of life in a patient dealing with other health issues. Therapy animals, dogs and cats in particular, are becoming increasingly popular in many healthcare settings, including in hospitals, senior communities, cancer centers, and as therapy pets for veterans suffering from PTSD among other settings, our assisted living facility included. At Prosperity Pointe Assisted Living, we utilize pet therapy as a way to improve the quality of life in all of our memory care residents.  

Health Benefits of Pet Therapy

Scientists have studied the positive effects of interacting with animals for years, and they’ve discovered many ways in which regular interaction with a pet can improve one’s physical health. Not only can interacting frequently with a pet reduce blood pressure and heart rate, lower cholesterol, and decrease one’s chance of developing cardiovascular disease, but interacting with a dog on a regular basis can also reduce agitation in those with dementia, stimulate appetite, and lower overall stress levels. Dogs in particular encourage physical health by getting the patient up and about; dogs they must be walked, groomed, and taken to the bathroom, making pet therapy a great option for a resident lacking physical activity.

Other Benefits of Pet Therapy

Pet therapy can also provide the residents of Prosperity Pointe Assisted Living with many other benefits. Perhaps most importantly, pet therapy can encourage the stimulation of memory. A resident on our memory care floor, for example, may be reminded of a childhood pet or a specific memory relating to the type of animal he or she is visiting with. Pet therapy is also beneficial for the resident’s emotional health because interacting with animals can reduce anxiety levels and combat depression. For aging seniors, they can provide judgement-free affection and support. Animals are excellent listeners.

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