1. How to Get What You Need When You No Longer Drive

    If you’re a senior and no longer driving, you may feel like you’ve lost your independence and may no longer be able to get around anymore. Depending on where you live, transportation options are going to vary widely. For example, there are going to be more options available in the city in compar…Read More

  2. Games to Play to Increase Memory and Brain Function

    Memory loss is a change that has an immense impact on a person but is something that can be easily controlled and reversed with simple steps. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through games that increase memory and brain function. While this may not appear to be a medical solution to thi…Read More

  3. Nutritious Snacks that Seniors Should Eat

    Choosing a great snack for a senior takes a little bit of additional effort than normal. You need to take certain things into consideration such as their unique need for certain vitamins and minerals, whether or not food is soft enough for them, or any other issues they may have. The National Instit…Read More

  4. Sitting Exercises Seniors Can Use to Stay Fit

    Everyone can agree that staying active is an essential part of a healthy life. However, some seniors may find it harder to keep moving as they get older. This is why exercises that can be done while seated are so useful. These exercises help to increase strength and improve circulation. The first ex…Read More

  5. Wheelchair Gadgets all Seniors Should Consider

    The elderly are at risk of experiencing a worsened mobility issue as they get older even further as time passes by. What seems to be a regular session on a wheelchair or a walker can be a hassle for anyone who advances through age if they already suffered a bad mobility problem. The factors that con…Read More

  6. Planning Ahead for Seniors

    As seniors get older, decisions that are difficult eventually may need to be decided upon. If a person of senior age still has the capacity to manage their legal, financial and health affairs, then it is essential that legal planning should be started as soon as they can spare. In the American cultu…Read More

  7. Family Outings for Seniors

    Getting older can be quite lonely at times. With age, seniors don't have the same familial and vocational responsibilities that you used to have to keep them occupied. That's why it's extremely important to plan outings with the seniors in your life. Benefits Outings for senior citizens are extremel…Read More

  8. The Health Benefits of Taking Walks

    Walking is one of the easiest and best forms of exercise because it doesn't require any expensive equipment. You can walk almost anywhere when you use the right precautions such as wearing clothing that is easy for others to see. Of course, you should wear supportive footwear, and it is a good idea …Read More

  9. Drink Your Veggies

    As a kid, you probably heard "Eat your vegetables" on a regular basis, but "Drink your veggies" may never have crossed your mother's lips. Just because this isn't the traditional way to get your produce doesn't make it any less of a good idea, however. Incorporating vegetables into delicious smoothi…Read More

  10. The Health Benefits Of Eating Your Vegetables

    The Health Benefits Of Eating Your Vegetables Vegetables are the healthiest foods that you can eat. People who include vegetables in their diet are typically healthier than people whose diets are low in vegetables. There are a number of benefits that can reap from eating vegetables. High in Potassiu…Read More