Bringing your children along to visit their grandparent, or even a great aunt or uncle, can be an enriching experience for everyone involved. We love having young ones come visit our facility. Their enthusiasm, energy, and big smiles warm the hearts of our residents. Little ones can contribute doses of sunshine and happiness to their grandparents or other loved ones. If you are planning on bringing your kids along to our assisted living facility in Knoxville, check out these great, simple activities you can plan for your next visit.


bookHumans have historically been drawn to stories, no matter how young or old. There is a joy we all find in hearing a good story told. Storytime can be an excellent activity for your children to share with your loved one. If you have older kids, bring along a chapter book and have them read out loud to your loved one. Do you have little ones? Check out some simple storybooks from your library and bring along a bag of books. Let your kids and loved one choose some stories to read together.

Story-time doesn’t have to be exclusive to books. Let your loved one regal your children with stories of their own youth. Another great storytime activity is to have your kids and their grandparent come up with a new story together.

Play Beauty Salon

Bring along some hair brushes, hair clips, nail polish, and other beauty items. Your kids and your loved one can take turns treating each other to silly new hairstyles or fun nail colors. Let everyone get creative with ideas. If some of your kids are super young, bring along a doll with hair for them to style. If you have older kids, let them treat your loved one to a manicure.

Start A Puzzle

Puzzles are a great activity for all ages. Pick out a puzzle that is a little more involved. Don’t worry about finishing the puzzle in one visit. Having the puzzle waiting for the next visit will give both your children and your loved one something to look forward to. Puzzles can also pair well with storytime for kids who struggle to sit still without something to keep their hands busy. Your loved one can share their stories as you all work on a puzzle together.

Arts & Crafts

kids-and-craftsBefore heading out to visit your loved one, stock up on some coloring books, construction paper, glue, crayons, markers, and other craft items. Bring along your art supplies and let everyone delve into their creative side. Is it near a holiday or someone’s birthday? Your kids could work on making homemade cards with your loved one for the upcoming event.

Bringing along your children might mean the trip takes a little more effort on your part, but their energetic, smiling faces could mean the world to your loved one. Remember, bring along some snacks and go with the flow. The best part about your kids visit won’t be the outstanding activity you planned, it will be the memories created between your loved one and your children. Want to learn more about our assisted living facility in Knoxville? Come visit our property or contact us for more information.